Family tree

Paper roll
The first edition of our family tree is a paper roll that dates from the 60’s. It belonged to August Herlof Westra and was kept for many years in the wooden travel box on the attic of his house in Bathmen. Lots of work on the puzzle already had been done by distant family members from The Haque. This is also where our family coat of arms comes from. One of August Herlofs’ sons Herlof Otto updated the tree in the late 20th century and framed the paper family tree. It still hangs in his apartment today in Vancouver, Canada. 

Digital tree
This digital version is again an updated version of the framed paper family tree from Canada. Cornelis Hendrik (Kees) digitized and updated the tree with help from other family members. You can open our family tree as a interactive pdf file by clicking the image on the right. Most of the names can be clicked to visit their individual pages on this website.