You may have seen it already because it has been implemented a while ago. We have a completely new look for our site! The structure has remained the same. Furthermore I have uploaded a couple of new photos to various galleries. Check out to view them.

Time for a newsitem to keep you up to date, it has been almost a year since you have heard from us.
Work on the site has not stopped however!

Whenever we can we are scavenging the internet for new information on our family history, exploring new sites and databases. It never stops because new websites are continuously being build and databases are replenished with new information. I especially enjoy browsing websites like the Royal Dutch Library ( with a huge database of four centuries historic newspapers. For example a search for ‘Westra’ generates 37202 hits so that will keep us busy for a while. (Some great newspaper articles about the Westras in Assen around 1900’s turned up recently, but I will keep that for later)

Every now and again I scan some old photos or edit them in Photoshop so they are ready to be placed on our website in the future. I updated the Content Management System that our site runs on and decided that it was time for a new look when I discovered the Marinelli theme. I tweaked it a little bit so it suited better and colors match our coat of arms. I also included the Lightbox module to give a nicer user interface when viewing images. Try it for yourself when viewing some of the new photos that I uploaded to our photo gallery.

Winter is coming so that means we will have some more time to work on updating and expanding the website.
Come back soon.