Wikke is nearly done with translating the new updated  family tree (made by Kees) to a website menu. We designed the website so each Westra generation has its own main menu button. Under these main buttons you will find personal pages for individuals within these generations. Eventually each individual Westra will have his or her own webpage on this website.

We started with filling some of the pages with basic textual information. Up to now I have sanned and photoshopped about 50 old photographs. These pictures are not yet available on the site but will be shortly. There are hundreds more old photo’s to be digitized.

We dug up a lot of extra information on the internet. Elly and Otto are helping out with translating the certificates (very bad handwriting) we requested at the archives of various provinces where our ancesters have lived. The 25 odd Birth/Death/Marriage certificates are a very good source for new information. Furthermore we have planned a visit to the national archives in The Hague this week.