Westra.info is a website dedicated to the forefathers and descendants of August Herlof Westra (1907). Guus was born in Batavia, the capital of the Dutch East Indies (now Jakarta, Indonesia) as a son of a high ranked government official. He was sent back to the Netherlands at young age to be raised by his aunt in Groningen. He lived in the Netherlands for most of his life. He studied medicine in the city of Groningen and was a General Practitioner between 1935 and 1976 in the village of Bathmen. He is an only child but a father to 11 children. He passed away in Bathmen in 1989.

Westra.info is designed so each Westra generation can be found as a primairy link in the topmenu. These primairy links will drop down with personal pages for individuals within these generations. Each individual Westra has his or her own webpage on this website. In the secondairy menu you will find links to general information and a photo gallery.
Furthermore there is a guestbook where visitors can leave messages.

Familytree updated


As of today there is a new version of the family tree available. Thanks to Kees the Hendriks family is included, new information is added and false information is corrected.

The main forefathers of our Westra line are marked in red because the tree has grown quite a bit and it is harder to find your way. Links under the names on the pdf lead you to webpages of the individuals with more info.

If you have additional information, please let us know by sending an e-mail.

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Optimizing batches of digitized old photographs with Photoshop CS6


Digitizing old photographs is a lot of work so you will want to do it as efficient as possible. If you have a good scanner you can scan multiple photographs at once and it will crop off white edges and save the photos as separate files. But even then, most images -especially old black and whites- will need editing to optimize them.

In this blog I will outline some of the automated options I use in Photoshop CS6 when optimizing batches of digitized old photographs with Photoshop.

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Update on layout and more photos added


Hello again. Sil and i worked for a few days on the site so here a update on what we did.

We made significant changes to the layout of each personal webpage.
Some are still in the old layout, but soon we are finished with that.

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