Westra.info is a website dedicated to the forefathers and descendants of August Herlof Westra (1907). Guus was born in Batavia, the capital of the Dutch East Indies (now Jakarta, Indonesia) as a son of a high ranked government official. He was sent back to the Netherlands at young age to be raised by his aunt in Groningen. He lived in the Netherlands for most of his life. He studied medicine in the city of Groningen and was a General Practitioner between 1935 and 1976 in the village of Bathmen. He is an only child but a father to 11 children. He passed away in Bathmen in 1989.

Westra.info is designed so each Westra generation can be found as a primairy link in the topmenu. These primairy links will drop down with personal pages for individuals within these generations. Each individual Westra has his or her own webpage on this website. In the secondairy menu you will find links to general information and a photo gallery.
Furthermore there is a guestbook where visitors can leave messages.

Westra findings on trip to Indonesia April 2011


Yeah, it was about time that I post a newsitem about our trip to Indonesia! I spend 4 weeks in the archipellago with my girlfriend Maaike last month. It proved quite hard to find out new things about the history of our family in the Dutch East Indies. Neverthelesss it was nice to experience the country and it made us get a better feel how life must have been for our forefathers. 

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Another day at the job at Macamalo


Wikke is nearly done with translating the new updated  family tree (made by Kees) to a website menu. We designed the website so each Westra generation has its own main menu button. Under these main buttons you will find personal pages for individuals within these generations. Eventually each individual Westra will have his or her own webpage on this website.

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Happy new year!


Again Sil and I did some work. Sil is still busy with scanning the very old pictures.
Today i made some more family names including some information. Iam still busy with 1861 till 1900. Almost done though. But 1761-1820 and 1821-1860 are done.

Also we have found more and more information:

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