Westra.info is a website dedicated to the forefathers and descendants of August Herlof Westra (1907). Guus was born in Batavia, the capital of the Dutch East Indies (now Jakarta, Indonesia) as a son of a high ranked government official. He was sent back to the Netherlands at young age to be raised by his aunt in Groningen. He lived in the Netherlands for most of his life. He studied medicine in the city of Groningen and was a General Practitioner between 1935 and 1976 in the village of Bathmen. He is an only child but a father to 11 children. He passed away in Bathmen in 1989.

Westra.info is designed so each Westra generation can be found as a primairy link in the topmenu. These primairy links will drop down with personal pages for individuals within these generations. Each individual Westra has his or her own webpage on this website. In the secondairy menu you will find links to general information and a photo gallery.
Furthermore there is a guestbook where visitors can leave messages.

New webdesign and photos added


You may have seen it already because it has been implemented a while ago. We have a completely new look for our site! The structure has remained the same. Furthermore I have uploaded a couple of new photos to various galleries. Check out westra.info/galleries to view them.

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Webpages for some individuals updated


Finally some spare time to work on the site again! Today Wikke and I joined up to work on the pages of individuals. We inserted tables to organise the presented information and uploaded some new photo's to the image galleries.

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Trip to Westra hotspots in the North of the Netherlands


Last weekend (6 and 7 august) Sil land I went to Assen to find out more about our ancestors. Elly, Otto, Herman and Louise  where here before. You can read their stories in our Guestbook. First to go was ‘huize Boschlust’.This is the mansion where Harmen Westra have lived. But in the time of Harmen there was a lot of ground with it. It is still standing, but it has had a major makeover. They have made a very ugly enlargement. Nevertheless Sil made a couple of nice photo’s.

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